Labor Day Laws- Broken.

“Know the rules well, so you can break them efficiently” – Dalai Lama XIV

I recently read an article that basically told me what I could and could not do after Labor Day. First of all, no. Second, rules were meant to be broken. Here are my two cents on the “rules.”

1. No White Pants.

I have six pairs of white pants in my closet, and I will wear them whenever I want. I think a light grey (gray?) sweater would look great with white pants, or a maroon turtleneck, black cardigan, hunter green kimono, a rust top, the list goes on. Basically, white pants are an essential for anytime of the year.

I did some research, and this rule came from some super rich wives sometime after the civil war, who wanted to separate themselves from the middle and lower class. They also came up with a bunch of other silly rules like what “sleeve length” was in. Puh-lease crazy, rich ladies, if Coco Chanel wore white all year, your rules mean nothing.

2. Post your LAST pool picture Labor Day Weekend.

First of all, Texas. Second of all, HOT. End of story. Listen people, in Texas summer ends in November. There is one week of fall and then we have winter. We will stay in the pool for as long as the sun is out, the heat is blazing, and our skin is burning.

Everything is bigger in Texas, and by bigger I mean longer; longer summer means more pool side weekends with my tacos. (Click here for a yummy taco recipe.)

3. No socks and sandals. 

Another rule trying to tell us how to live our life. No thank you. Socks and sandals are not just for some tourist with cold feet. Fashion leaders from all around have put together the cutest outfits by pairing the two together.

Now don’t get crazy trying to pair the two together. Putting this together can be a challenge for some (me). Knee high nike socks with some peep toe lace heels… Debatable. Delicate, lacy socks paired with high-heeled sandals… Adorable. Wear what you want and wear it with confidence.

Enjoy your last few days (weeks? months?) of summer peeps. Break the rules and do what you want, because no one became great by being a rule follower.





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