I went to a Sephora Beauty class and THIS happened…

I’ve been doing it all wrong. My makeup, I mean. I recently attended one of Sephora’s in-store beauty classes on Contouring & Highlighting and I basically realized that my makeup technique was so incredibly wrong. Actually…scratch that. I don’t think I even had a makeup technique. I just learned that everything I was doing could have been done ten times better.

So anyway, I decided to share some techniques I learned. I hope these help!

Here’s a few tips and tricks I learned by the amazing instructors at my local Sephora:

  1. Figure out your face shape: I never spent time trying to figure out what shape my face was because I didn’t really think it mattered. I was so wrong. Every face shape has a different makeup application technique so figuring yours out is super important. Here’s a tip: Pick up a dry erase marker and trace your face on a mirror. Then, use a guide (like the one below) to help you choose the one that looks most like your “drawing”.
  2. Know your skin type: This step will help you choose the right products for your skin. For example, if you have oily skin, you’ll want to reach for powders rather than creams.
  3. Don’t follow all the rules: The beauty product that I use to contour and highlight is the Step-by-Step Contour Kit from Smashbox. I always followed the directions according the the picture inside the palette because, naturally, I thought that was correct. Once again, I was wrong. Here’s where knowing your face shape comes into play. Every shape will have a different application area. My specific application area is actually above the area that was shown in the picture. Oops. It also helps to feel out your bone structure and play up your makeup from there.
  4. Paint, don’t write: Ok, this is embarrassing, but I’ve been holding my makeup brushes wrong since the beginning of my makeup wearing era. Here’s a tip: hold your brush toward the end and apply on your face as if you’re painting (as opposed to holding it like a pen).
  5. Take advantage: Sephora offers several free in-store beauty classes for all Beauty Insider members. This is the second one I’ve attend, and I’ve learned SO much. They provide all the supplies and assistance you would need!

Have you ever attended a beauty class at Sephora? We’d love to hear about your experience and some tips and tricks you’ve learned in the comment section below!




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