About Us

Blogger Sanam 

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Sanam (Sun-um, beautiful isn’t it?) is a Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger as well as a teacher! She went to school at the University of Texas in Austin. Sanam has always loved all things that are beautiful and stylish. Sanam loves to travel, shop, work out, and most importantly spend time with her sweet puppies, Troy and Charlie.

Oh ya, Sanam is also the Queen. Bye! xo

Blogger Shana 

Born in Chicago, Illinois (aka the most beautiful city in the country), Shana moved to Texas in 2009 to find her best friend Sanam. Ok, who are we kidding? She moved here during her junior year of high school and went on to attend the University of Texas at Arlington. Shana is currently in the healthcare administration field and enjoys shopping, traveling, eating, and watching overrated reality TV shows in her free time.